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The Daily ATC Challenge: Day 10

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Your theme for today is: POSTAGE STAMPS

Today I made a postage stamp in honor of my grandfather who collected postage stamps and passed the hobby on to me.

DailyATC10 watercolor

PRANG watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper

This is the second time in a row where I’ve had issue with how shiny the PRANG colors are when used thickly for more saturated colors. I find it kind of shocking to find fault with the watercolors I’ve trusted for so long, but maybe that too is part of getting to be a better artist, practicing to the point where you surpass the beginner grade materials. Not to say this little ATC is any kind of high art, far from it in fact with it’s crooked text, but the shiny spots really bother me. I think I could do some very cute stamp themed work in a somewhat comical and loose style, but I need the paint to play along with that instead of leaving shiny spots all over the place!

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Happy Valentines’ Day in Hexipuffs!

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I don’t have much of anything planned today beyond cleaning, cooking, and puffing since I’m single. I did however make one BIG special valentine to share with everyone I love!

Happy Valentines Day!

Also, one important thing I learned today that you’ll probably find helpful is that unseamed hexipuffs photograph best on a black matte background like polar fleece fabric. It really helps the puffs pop where as designs like this heart were impossible to see when the puffs were photographed on a white sheet. I’ve also decided I rather like the heart layout, not for my scrap quilt beekeeper’s, but maybe for a baby beekeeper’s quilt of unpuffs knit from a DK or worsted weight soft acrylic with a heart of pinks and reds surrounded by a sea of undulating green with a border in shades of purple!

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